St. John Ambulance
Odisha State Center
Qr. No. -4R-6/2, Unit-III,
Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneswar-1
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First -Aid Management


It is the skilled first assistance or treatment rendered to a victim or injured at the spot or during the transit with the best utilization of available resource before hospitalization or an expert medical aid arrives. it is neither a medical treatment not a substitute of it.


  • To Save life.
  • To prevent panic : amongst (Relative, Friends, Onlookers)
  • To Prevent further complications/ stop aggravation.
  • To Give Comfort/ reduce pain.
  • To promote early recovery.
  • To shift the casualty to the hospital.

Need of F.A

Since the medical aid or doctor is not present at the spot / place of Occurrence

Training Programme

1. First Aid. (Syllabus)
2. Home Nursing. (Syllabus)
3. Hygiene & Sanitation. (Syllabus)
4. Mothercraft & Child Welfare.

His Excellency,
Governor of Odisha

(Dr. S.C. Jamir )

Hon'ble Minister, Industries,Odisha

( Shri Niranjan Pujari)

Hon'ble Minister ,
Health & F.W.,Odisha

(Sri Pratap Jena)

D G of Police(F.S),
Commandant Genral(H.G.),
Director Civil Defence

(Sri B.K. Sharma) (IPS)

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