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As long as hundred years back thousands of pilgrims visiting the holy land of Jerusalem were crying in epidemic striken, pain, when volunteers of a service organisation rendered necessary First Aid nursing to them. This voluntary organisation was none other than the epoch making St. John Organisation. From that day onwards the Organisation has spread all over the world in the services of fellow human beings. St. John Ambulance Association as a First Aid and nursing concern of the St. John Organisation was first established in 1877 in Britain. Ambulance Brigade was formed in the year 1887. 

The first Indian to carry on the voluntary activities of the Brigade was Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, evaded in Khadi Uniform. Gandhiji set on his mission of mercy to render necessary service to the wounded soldiers of the Bore war of 1980 in Africa.

But it was in the year 1911 when St. John Ambulance Association was first established on the Indian soil with the aim of instructing people in the First Aid, Home Nursing, hygiene and allied subjects. The Brigade as a wing of the Association has over seven decades been dedicated in the service of the suffering class of mankind. Not only in the field of imparting First Aid and Home Nursing to general public, factory workers, civil defence personnel, community project, railway and aerodrome officials, drivers and conductors and others but also engaged in various sectors, the Brigade has successfully endeavored to arouse a sense of service, fellow feeling and voluntary workmanship amongst thousands of young and energetic youth of this country.

  1. Impact instruction to persons in rendering First Aid in cases of accidents of sudden illness and in the transportation of the sick and injured.
  2. Teach elementary principles and practice in the field of nursing and hygiene with emphasis on sick room maintenance.
  3. Provide and distribute ambulance material and form ambulance depots in or near mines, factories and other centres of industry and traffic.
  4. Serve the public by organising Ambulance, corps, transport corps, nursing corps etc.
  5. Take care of the sick and the wounded during war.
  6. Work for the relief of the suffering of the sick and the injured in peace or at war, irrespective of caste, creed or nationality.
  7. Other opportunities to holders of First Aid certificate of the training wing of getting together for Ambulance and nursing practice with the object of combining individual effort for the benefit of the public.
  8. Work-in-cooperation with the local authorities, maintain in readiness a unit of trained and qualified body of men and women to render First Aid and nursing services to the sick and the injured and at public functions.
  9. Form a body of voluntary civilians duly qualified in First Aid, Ambulance drill and nursing duties, available to be placed at the disposal of the Government and the Armed forces of any other authority to supplement the medical service in case of emergency.
  10. Impact instruction in Ambulance transport duties.
  11. Develop and promote every means of rendering aid to the sick and the injured.

St. John Ambulance Brigade in India is a family of thousands of trained volunteers whose selfless devotion and loyal efforts to humanitarian services are acknowledged throughout the country.  

His Excellency,
Governor of Odisha

(Dr. S.C. Jamir )

Hon'ble Minister, Industries,Odisha

( Shri Niranjan Pujari)

Hon'ble Minister ,
Health & F.W.,Odisha

(Sri Pratap Jena)

D G of Police(F.S),
Commandant Genral(H.G.),
Director Civil Defence

(Sri B.K. Sharma) (IPS)

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