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Odisha State Center
Qr. No. -4R-6/2, Unit-III,
Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneswar-1
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St. John Ambulance with its two wings – Association and Brigade- is a social, humanitarian, multiracial voluntary organization engaged in the relief of the sick and injured in war and peace irrespective of caste creed or nationality. The International Headquarters is located at London and National Headquarters is located at New Delhi.Hon’ble President of India is the President and Union Health Minister is the Chairman of St. John Ambulance, India. Each State and Union Territory including Railway Zone has St. John Ambulance Centre. The Orissa Sate Centre was established in 1942 and it is located in Bhubaneswar.Hon’ble Governor, Orissa is the President and Minister, Health is the Chairman of the Orissa State Centre. The State Centre has a high power Executive Body comprising of senior officers of State Government and non-official members.

The emblems and badges of St. John Ambulance are registered under Emblems and names. Act 1950-XII on 1950 and this organization is recognized vide St. John Ambulance Association (India) Transfer of Funds Act 1956 (Act 21 of 1956). Donation to it are exempted under section 80-G (2) (a) (iv) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

In 1877, the St. John Ambulance was established in England by the Order of St. John to provide training in first aid. The St. John Ambulance Brigade was raised to provide voluntary First Aid to the public. Queen Victoria granted a Charter of Incorporation to the Order of St. John in recognition of the excellent work preformed by the members of the order. In 1968, the Association and Brigade merged to form St. John Ambulance.

The principal motto of St. John is “For the Service of Mankind”. The emblem is the white eight-pointed cross (also called maltase cross). White symbolizes purity and the four arms of the cross symbolise prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice. The eight points on the cross of St. John symbolize Humanity, Compassion, Courtesy, Devotion, Mercy, Purity, Peace and Endurance.

National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru had served this organization. Infact Gandhiji initiated the smooth establishment of St. John Ambulance in India and within a year centres were established in Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and the Railways. The Indian Council of Association was established in 1912 which imparted instructions in First Aid and allied subjects. The St. John Ambulance Brigade in India was established in 1928.

Besides holding an impeccable record for rendering first aid to the needy, the Association has also been training thousands of citizens on first aid, home Uri, Hygiene and Sanitation, Mother craft and Child Welfare etc. Its outreach activities are important not only timely attendance to casualties but also motivating young volunteers to provide free public service.

The Brigade wing of SJA is a uniformed disciplined body of dedicated and selfless workers, who have received training from the Association wing. The wing has been working at providing succor to the sick & injured during war as well as peace. The members continuously update their knowledge through specialized training programmes and provide first aid cover when & wherever required. The Brigade members duly qualified in first aid, ambulance drill and nursing duties are willingly available to be placed at the disposal of the government, the armed forces or other authorities to supplement medical services in case of emergencies. The dedicated corps of SJA is a great asset which very few organisations are endowed with.

The Orissa St. John Ambulance Brigade members have provided yeomen’s service at Asiad-82 at Delhi, Kumbha Mela and Ardha Kumbha Mela at Allahabad, Super Cyclone-99, and Orissa etc. Every year a National Service camp is held at Puri during Car Festival. Brigade members from all over the country attend the camp and provide first aid and free public service to the pilgrims. A number of first aid posts are established during Car Festival to give free treatment to the needy along with ambulance service.

SJA which has been active in India for over a century has much to offer to the Nation in 21st century in the services to mankind. 
His Excellency,
Governor of Odisha

(Dr. S.C. Jamir )

Hon'ble Minister, Industries,Odisha

( Shri Niranjan Pujari)

Hon'ble Minister ,
Health & F.W.,Odisha

(Sri Pratap Jena)

D G of Police(F.S),
Commandant Genral(H.G.),
Director Civil Defence

(Sri B.K. Sharma) (IPS)

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